Dr. Oluwasijibomi (Olusiji) Sanya

Olusiji Sanya is an experienced economist with strong commercial acumen and a good understanding of policy, financial market instruments and fundamentals. He is a co- founder and has been Chief Financial Officer at Tranzfar since inception in 2017. He is responsible for generating economic and market projections for business decisions and leads Tranzfar’s trading and financial strategy. Tranzfar is a UK based financial technology company with operations across 100 countries. Olusiji is also the Chairman of the board of directors, Orisun Microfinance Bank, Nigeria.

Olusiji began his economist career in 2007 as research assistant to the Director General of the Nigerian institute for social and economic research (NISER) during his NYSC year. Whilst at NISER, amongst several projects, he conducted a policy proposal review on the viability of deploying inflation targeting in Nigeria which was requested directly by the Late President Yar’adua. Olusiji joined Goldman Sachs in 2011 as an economist focusing on commodities markets. In 2012, he was appointed consultant on public finance management to the Commonwealth Secretariat where he worked on aid effectiveness across member states and produced a technical report which was presented to the relevant UK parliamentary committee.

In 2013, he joined BP IST as an econometrician where he was responsible for the infrastructure that generates economic and market projections vital for trading/commercial decisions relating to crude oil, refined products and the EU macroeconomy. At BP, he also designed courses and conducted training for trading graduates on commercializing economics/econometrics for oil trading.

Olusiji taught quantitative finance and financial modelling while on his PhD. He was invited to a panel for the international monetary fund’s (IMF) economist program in December 2015.

Born in Nigeria, Olusiji holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Covenant University (Nigeria), a Master’s in International Finance from the University of Essex and a Doctorate in Economics and Finance from the University of London.

He won the Black British Business Award (Financial Services Rising Star) in 2019. His other interests revolve around reading biographies, cycling, politics/governance and people development.