Engr Ade Andu

Ade Andu an award-winning engineer/inventor, started work in the early 90s to develop problem-solving products for the horticultural industry. After extensive research in fluid flow dynamics, particularly the flow of water; a breakthrough in the field of hydro-dynamics was achieved. A revolutionary plant watering valve system called Plantpal was developed; this valve has no mechanical moving parts except the flow of water controlling the open and shut mechanism.

Ade has won six awards for innovation in the UK between 1992 and 2004 for pioneering the development of this revolutionary hydro-dynamic plant watering system. Plantpal is a patented watering system for indoor and outdoor potted plants sold in the UK, US and Chile. This device allows plants to water and feed themselves automatically and is featured on the British Science Museum’s website (Making the Modern World).

This device has also been developed as an application for large-scale agricultural projects to optimize the use of water for maximum crop yield. Crops can now be grown in the dry season with optimum water supply. This system will enable farmers to grow crops successfully all year round even in arid climates.

Plant Pal is currently the most preferred self-watering plant device sold on Amazon.

Qualified with a B.Eng Honours degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Herefordshire; a Master’s of Science degree in Engineering Product Design from the University of Wolverhampton and a brief doctorate research period at the University of Hertfordshire, worked on Vehicle Collision Mitigation Systems to develop high-impact fluid pistons.

Ade Andu is currently an Executive Director of Andu Engineering Services and also CEO of Plant Pal Ltd.